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Integrated Fleet Management with 247 GPS Tracking in Kenya

On the daily basis, consumers go through several challenges in terms of managing their cars and vehicles. Thus, to take them out of this burden, our team has designed an effective fleet management system in Kenya. This type of system has latest and unconventional technology installed that will help them to keep a thorough check on their range of vehicles.

At 247 GPS Tracking, our main concentration is on everyday challenges that customers face. Henceforth, our technology provides them with real-time access to an allied mobility platform, which meets their fleet management needs at the best. Whether you are looking for a car, motorbike, commercial vehicles, cargo, mobile workers, stationary assets, or any other fleet, opting for our GPS fleet management and asset tracking systems you can easily trace the location and route with the device installed.

Our fleet management software in Kenya provides you with unparalleled services and solutions. Whether it is small or big fleet, commercial or private vehicles, our services providers at 247 GPS Tracking got you covered with impeccable services in the industry. We provides you with avant-garde GPS tracking and fleet management system that provides you with real-time updates for all vehicle.

We are the one-stop solution for your fleet security needs, so to gather the real-time diagnostics, and opt for bird’s eye view for your complete fleet maneuvers. Our tracking and management system not only provides you with real-time updates, but we also provide you with unlimited cloud storage, so that you can easily access the complete history of your fleet.

  • A comprehensive overview of your fleet
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • A thorough history of tracking
  • All-inclusive reporting suite

Customized Services and Real-Time Assistance from Experts in Kenya

247 GPS Tracking is leading GPS tracking system and fleet management service providers in Kenya. With our integrated fleet and asset management system you are provided with real-time access and control over your entire fleet of cars, cargos, trucks and other means of transportation from a central control device.

Latest Technology

Track the location of your fleet. With our latest technology, you can gather on-time information as well as critical data access from a key control point.

User-Friendly Tools

We have designed a system that is easy for everyone to handle. Thus, our tracking system is live with web-based data screen that helps owners to gather instantaneous data whenever and wherever needed. Our system is custom-made so that it can meet your needs with any type of fleet reporting.

Real-Time Tracking

With the dashboards and key performance indicators, the technology helps you to simultaneously track the location of your vehicles with the GPS system installed.

Fully Personalized

Depending on the type of fleet you operate, we provide you with personalized solutions that offer you maximum control, increased efficiency, and affordable costs.

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Shortly About Us

247 GPS TRACKING247 GPS TRACKING is one of the leading vehicle tracking and fleet management companies covering East and Central Africa and are proud to bring to you the state-of-the art technologies in vehicle tracking, fleet management and vehicle surveillance. Please feel free to contact us or email via [email protected] for all your business related queries. We look forward to a healthy and wonderful relationship.

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