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A Comprehensive Solution to School Bus Tracking Needs

At 247 GPS Tracking, you can easily avail GPS tracking and monitoring services for school buses. So forth your needs and requirements, our GPS tracking services offer you with turnkey systems with a customized solution that is designed to meet your needs for the present and the forthcoming.

We offer you with the real-time school bus tracking system and solution that will let you as parents and school authorities to be at peace whenever the kids are riding. In order to produce a safe and competent school bus management system, you need to rely only on the best, and GPS Tracking in Kenya is the second to none.

Offering you with high-end tracking and monitoring solutions in Kenya, we ensure that the GPS tracking devices being installed in your fleet has state-of-the-art technology and avant-garde features. Producing you with the quality solutions, our team of experts ensure that the student is safe to and from the schools.

247 GPS Tracking has built a feature-rich and future-proof real-time location software that provides accurate information on the school bus to school authorities and parents. With the help of 247 GPS tracking software, the transport manager can easily handle the school bus fleet and keep tabs on their location efficiently.

Smart School Bus GPS Tracking

With the avant-garde tracking system, you are ensured of the vehicle safety, whether it is a school bus or cab, as they transport students around the city. By opting for GPS Tracking System for the school bus, you are provided with smart modules that can easily track and monitor the school buses, providing the authorities for seamless administration.

Data Security

247 GPS Tracking system in Kenya, offers you with the real-time and historic school bus tracking solutions that ensure the student data is safe. We have created the software with encrypted data transmission, which make sure that none of your information is compromised. The data tracked and monitored through the software is only available and shared with the school authorities and parents for utmost safety.


247 GPS Tracking is the leading service providers in Kenya, offering schools with state-of-the-art GPS technology to monitor the school buses. With the geofencing, the school bus tracking becomes stress-free for both parents and school authorities, as the data is shared every time. In addition, with the help of geofencing, the real-time location of school areas and drop off points are sent on the cellular devices as the form of alerts. Every mobile alert notification is sent when the student enters or exits the school boundaries.


247 GPS tracking system offers you with the full details of your fleet, from location to the routes. Once you are provided with all the essential information, you can track the fuel cost as well as maintenance charges. Thus, based on this you can easily control the excessive fuel cost bearing.

Child security is the top priority of every parent, and for school authorities, it is essential to make each parent certain that their child is safe inside and during the ride towards school. With 247 GPS tracking system, you can ensure that each kid travelling to your premises is properly monitored and is in safe hands.

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